Real estate investing in Japan

Now this is an interesting market! Of course, investing in Japan is not for everybody, especially with the high prices of the real estate properties in Tokyo or Kyoto, however one can invest in this market in a simple manner.

But before we show up this investing trick, a couple of background information on the Japan real estate market. “Japan is increasingly seen by investors as a relatively good market to be in a time of rising inflation and inflationary expectations,” said Jonathan Allum, a London-based Japan strategist at KBC Securities. Inflation in Japan is very low (in May it reached 1,5% in May year-on-year), which makes it a very stable market. The benchmark Nikkei .N225 rose nearly 8 percent in the April-June quarter, compared with the Dow Jones industrial index .DJI, which looks set for a 7.5 percent fall, and the FTSE 100, which appears ready for a 2.5 percent fall.

How would you invest 10,000 USD?

Today June 28th is Saturday, which is not quite the most serious day (and definitely not the most suitable one for investing, unless you programmed some power lunch today). But investing your money is a never ending activity, so I’d like to make your neurons jog a little bit with the following question: How would you invest 10,000 USD if […]

US jobs losses, less money to spend or invest

On Friday, June 6 2008, a striking piece of news came sharply on the market. The  U.S. employers shed jobs for a fifth straight month in a row. The May unemployment rate jumped to its highest in more than 3-1/2 years, partly because more people were trying to come back into the workforce, a Labor Department report released Friday showed.