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Forex update – GBP/sterling pound this week

Interestingly enough, this week the sterling pound has dropped to its lowest level in 12 years against a broad basket of currencies amid a wave of weak economic performance indicators released. This GBP weakening kept alive a talk about a cut in interest rates by the Bank of England. Sterling’s trade weighted index hit 89,5, the lowest level since October 1996, and the pound fell close to a record low against the Euro.

In the second quarter, UK’s economy virtually grounded to a halt, whilst the houses prices fell at the fastest pace since August 1991. Even worse, the UK retail sales plunged to their lowest level in 25 years. This raised expectations of interest rates cut, which would further undermine the pound’s appeal to investors. “The recent ULK data have been universally bearish for the pound and the path of least resistance remains further weakness”, said a JP Morgan analyst.

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Investing techniques – how to research a company

Investing researchThere are many ways to research a company nowadays, especially with the rise of the internet as a research tool which is both 24 hours available and omnipresent. DoItInvest has applied these sources constantly and has found that some investing research properly done in advance of buying anything might really help. We at doitinvest had a lot of experiene with both the accademic / MBA-like research tools for investing (which are often associated with professional investing) and with the less usual methods of research (often the unconventional investing can be the most effective, as I’m sure you’ve experienced before). So here we go with the list of potential investment research methods, from the easier ones to the more difficult: Read more

US banks update – shares evolution

After the recent growth in the US banks shares, we at though it would be interesting to update and see how our portfolio looks like. One of the first blogs here at was analysing the bank shares and ended up with a sector prudent buy reccomendation. Read more

US banks to be tougher regulated

Efforts to improve U.S. financial regulation are seen to be accelerated early next year, as a new Congress and administration seek to protect public money put at risk by recent rescue measures. (see the case of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac). Read more

Forex update – US dollar loosing its edge on other currencies

It seems that after a very strong start at the beginning of August, when the US$ has reached almost 1,51 to the Euro. However, it seems that investors are marking their profits today Aug 23rd. Of course, the low prices of oil did help this too, whilst the gold prices forcing the 1,000 USD a troy ounce limit. Read more

Software companies update – Google to close deal with Verizon

The mobile service provider Verizon Communications Inc. is nearing an agreement with Google Inc. on a wide-ranging partnership, the Wall Street Journal said, citing people familiar with the situation.

The deal under discussion would make Google the default search provider on Verizon devices and give it a share of ad revenue, the paper said. Read more

Famous investing quotations 15 – networking in investments

Companies gain the advantage of a network at a price; they become dependent on outsiders whose behaviour can affect them but who they do not control.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter (b. 1943) US management theorist, academic, and writer. ‘How E-Smart Are You?’, 

World Link  (January–February 2000)