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US Treasury Plans To Stimulate Finance Consumption

US Treasury picture and photoThe Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, this Keynesian economist of the 21st century, is ready again for a blow under the America’s tight belt. His theory is simple – if people lost too much weight, we should give them a fist of amphetamines and the promise of a wonderful land after the crisis will pass. Amphetamines will give them the sensation of light in the darkness of the financial crisis, whereas the promises show that Treasury is trying to do something for the nation. And according to the principle that “any action is better than sitting and waiting”, Treasury has launched itself into water. As we noticed few months back on… Read more

Automated forex robots – do they work?

robot pictureThe latest investing “trend” seems to be in automated forex robots. In other words, you buy a piece of software, put some money into your account and let the software do the trading for you. Is this for real?! wished it was so. But as usually, nothing is what it seems. Let’s put it straight – if you, our investor and blog reader, would have such a tool (which is claimed to have generated up to 1 million dollars in one year), would you sell it?

I think not. First of all, you will have such an amount of money, that you wouldn’t care about selling anything ever (imagine – 100,000 grants per month). Secondly, these tools work against the mass trends, so if you have it it is in your interest NOT to reveal it, otherwise it might not work anymore. If 10,000 people do the same thing, forex trading will not generate any more speculations, but will be the overall trend and nobody would make any profits any more! Read more

How Long Will The Current Financial Crisis Last? (Part 2)

As we have seen on previously, there is no shortage of theories on the above issue. Some experts surveyed by doitinvest are quite cynical, for example: Read more

The Stocks Boosted By The Obama Administration

Well, it could be a wild guess, but Obama’s governing agenda might actually benefit some economical sectors. How? The simple fact that the Obama administration plans are already out and directed towards several sectors could boost the demand in those area. And a higher demand means for sure more prosperity for the companies involved. Read more

Analysts are cutting their estimations on shares revenues

Analysts have cut profit estimates for 48 percent of stocks they cover worldwide, the most in at least 15 years, and more downgrades are likely as the economy slows, JPMorgan Chase & Co. said.

According to the publicly expressed opinions, the US shares are yet overvalued compared to investor’s expectations, which might mean that a further tumbling could be expected in the near future. Read more

Are The CDO’s Regulated?

Collateralized debt obligations (CDO’s) have been named once by Warren Buffet as “financial weapons of mass destruction”. Are they? Read more

How Long Will The Current Financial Crisis Last?

 This is of course a question who matters to all of us, not only to the investors who read the blogs. As such, we have therefore done a survey to find out among our experts how long will we stay in this financial black whole. And the results were quite interesting… Read more