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Rio Tinto Following the Downward Trend on Raw Materials

mine-rio-tintoToday Rio Tinto PLC (RTP), the world’s largest mining company, has announced that it stroke an agreement with Nippon Steel on reducing its prices for the ore iron it supplies to the Japanese manufacturer. The price reduction (contractually agreed) amounted to as much as 30% of the previous year’s prices.
Is this good news? The market seemed to think so, since the price incresed with 7% in the hours following the announcement. Read more

Not a Rosy Picture for Samsung

samsung-led-tvRecently the announcement of the LED TV’s launch seemed like the first good news after long months of waiting expectations from the industry. After all, during the recent US recession, everybody was expecting the electronics companies to come up with new products, at least as a replacement solution for the market-invading LCD TV’s. Read more

A New Way To Analyze Stocks

The big news of these days for the internet seem to be the launch of the wolfram alpha search engine. Which, after our first tests, looks as more of a fad.

Wolfram alpha reveals itself to the world as a different search engine – in a sense that it uses different search algorhitms compared to any other search engine. It is supposed to be much closer of the human thinking than the cold, rational algorhitms of its bigger and older competitors (see yahoo or google). Read more