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Update On Our Doitinvest Investment Portfolio no.1 – U.S. Blue Chip Stocks (5)

Two weeks later after the previous update on our portfolio and the news are not so good. From the very beginning we decided to go for a buy and hold approach. This is something very simillar to what a normal investor would do. After all, not everybody (including our team, the authors of this blog) has enough time to watch the market and place the deals. And as the technical analyst Martin Pring mentioned in one his latest books, trading often can eat a lot of your profits due to the high percentage of commmissions you pay. In other words, most of your profit can go to the broker, not to your pocket.

Coming back to our Doitinvest US portfolio of shares, the matters are quite simple. After the rally we experienced two weeks ago (see our post on June 9th), the hopes that the recession was over did not materialize. Therefore, some of the big investors marked their profits and sold some of the shares. This of course puched the price down – actually it stopped the rally. Nevertherless, in hindsight it is alaways easy to manage an investing portfolio, but in practice we have to live with our decisions. Which we do. Read more

Ethics in the Pharma Business – Why Did Ely Lilly Prescribe Non-Working Drugs?

eli-lilly-logoYou might have heard of this already – Ely Lilly has been actively marketing drugs supposed to counteract the Alzheimer disease for older people, which did not work. And this is more than a $6.8 billion suit already – the prosecutors have lots of documents to prove it, according to the media.

Insurers and other so-called third-party payers evaluated that Lilly could pay as much as $6.8 billion in damages for downplaying Zyprexa’s health risks, including excessive weight gain and the risk of contracting diabetes, and marketing the drug for unapproved uses to pump up profits, says Bloomberg. Read more

Is The Apple IPhone Loosing Its Magic?

I think that the Iphone 3G S was the most awaited gadget on the market this year. Since Apple has sold millions of it, the IPhone has made history. And whilst it is the first mobile phone which commands a share of the mobile phone operators revenues, IPhone remains a sort of refference for the industry.
Given the expectations, Iphone 3G S, the mobile phone from Apple to replace the old 3G, meets the yearly tradition of Apple to relaunch its products. Which the company did this June, as expected. Together with the new McBook Air and the cheaper laptop Apple has launched, the triad of new products is supposed to re-build the fortunes of the company. And this with a Steve Jobs still missing from its helmet. Read more

Update On Our Doitinvest Investment Portfolio no.1 – U.S. Blue Chip Stocks (4)

After the last weeks’ rally on the stock exchanges, our portfolio has increased substantially in value. The Blue Chip US portfolio created by doitinvest has started from $1,000,000 on April 2nd. At the end of April it has gained already 6,8%, indicating that the timing we have chosen for starting it was a good one. Which proved to be true, since the avalanche of better economical news have kick-started the engine of the US economiy in May. Read more