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A Book Review – “The Only Three Questions You Need to Ask” by Ken Fisher

ken-fisherWell, a book on investing on shares by a Forbes columnist who has more experience than my professional age? Could be interesting, don’t you think?


And indeed it was. Ken Fisher writes in a somehow difficult manner. He sidetracks with his three questions back and forth on the same subject. And repeats quite obsessively some of his ideas in the 400+ pages of this project. But at the end of the day I found “The only 3 questions you need to ask” informing and well documented. And full of (arguably) useful insights on shares investing.


What is the book about?


Well, about investing in shares and about how you can sustainably beat the markets. Read more

What Are The Employers Looking At When Hiring?

It is easy, employers are looking for 3 main things:

a) Whether you have the aptitudes/skills for that job at the BASIC/low level at least (for example if it is a sales job – if you can convince somebody to buy your product) Read more

What are the differences between the SOx audits and the operational audits?

SOX is Security Exchange Commission requirement which prescribes very specific steps to be followed. It is like an US law for the US stock – listed companies, asking them to certify that their internal system of control is in place, is appropriate for the purpose and did not allow any material errors to occur in the financial statements. In a sense, it is like a compulsory external audit – it is prescribed by certain steps and follows a certain logic. SOX is designed to protect the investors in public listed companies and has even legal consequences for the senior officers of those companies (liable in front of the US law). Read more

Consolidation Time in the US IT Industry – Dell Wants to Buy Perot Systems for $3.9 Bln

dell-logoReuters New York commented today that Dell Inc mentioned it had struck a deal to acquire the computer services maker Perot Systems Corp. In this cash transaction the Perot Systems personal computer maker was valued at about $3.9 billion. Read more

Book Review – Jeff Greenblatt’s “Breakthrough Strategies to Predicting Any Market”

Jeff Greenblatt starts his book with a classical adagio – “The only constant is change” (Heraclit). In this respect, his book is very interesting. Because “Breakthrough Strategies to Predicting Any Market” is in equal measure a book about technical trading as well as about self-discipline.

The author begins his book by underlining what can bring you the trading success. Read more

A Book Review – “The Theory of Corporate Finance” by Jean Tirole

If you are a seasoned professional working in corporate finance or as investments analyst, it is very probable that you saw them all. This means that you saw the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) endorsed books, such as the US famous “Investments” by Bodie and Kane. You probably saw also the stock market analysts’ books – those written by the guys or girls who have been very successful as investor managers. You also probably saw the books written by various academics in the field of finance. So probably right now your head is spinning only at the invocation of all these names and handbooks.

If this is the case, you probably noticed that much of the information is repeated. You can find the same topic in various shapes and sizes coming to you and waiting to be served in various shapes and with changed examples. Take for example the dividend payout theory – we all know that a company should pay a dividend as long as the expected outcomes of the company’s actions are less than the cost of capital. Read more