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Kaplan & Norton – “Strategy Maps”, a Book Review & Analysis

Few thinkers were ever more influent than those two Harvard professors – Robert Kaplan and David Norton. They are among the top 50 thinkers since more than a decade and their two important books (“The Balanced Scorecard” and “Stratey Maps”) are an important portion of any consultant’s or CEO’s arsenal. Especially when they are trying to deploy powerful organisational changes, aimed at delivering value. But what is this book about? Read more

How to Value / Evaluate a Website (part 2)

Well, we continue our previous blog about the website valuation methods and considerations… right now 🙂

As mentioned in our previous post, the vast majority of the 11 million or so links can be summarized in two extreme positions: Read more

How to Value / Evaluate a Website (part 1)

zurich-airport-main-lounge-september-2009-switzerlandI was recently thinking that buying a website is a form of investing too. And some of our competing investing blogs say that investing is an art. Does this mean that you should pay on a website the value asked by the artist owner? No way!

A search on Google using the keywords “web site valuation method” shows that there are almost 11 million search results. Read more

A DVD Review – “Harnessing Explosive Market Turns: Finding Profitable Set-ups with Fibonacci, Lucas, Elliott Wave, and Candlesticks” by Jeff Greenblatt

I am already a veteran reviewer of Jeff Greenblatt’s opera magna, since I already did a review for his well known book “Breakthrough Strategies for Predicting Any Market” :). In the beginning, I must admit I was a bit confused by the cryptic language and by the unorthodox approaches used by Jeff in that book. But since then I read a few other books on trading and the light started to shine at the end of this tunnel. So here I am, with a new review on Greenblatt’s latest DVD trading series of videos, “Harnessing Explosive Market Turns”. Read more

More than 1 Million Bankrupcies in the US in 2009

According to a report released today by the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI), there have been counted 1.046 million personal bankruptcies since the start of 2009. This is the highest since the first nine months of 2005 when people were rushing to file before the draconian new bankruptcy act of 2005 took effect (still better than the Victorian days of debtor prisons, but not much). Read more

A DVD Review – “Money Making Trading Systems” by Steve Palmquist

Steve Palmquist has put together a DVD series on trading where he shows his systems. As one of the oldest active theoreticians on the technical analysis, this is quite a treat. In fact it is quite rare that you have the occasion to watch a series of such interesting live seminaries, in the pace of your home.

Read more