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Freefall by Joseph Stiglitz – A Book Review

I must admit I was a bit impatient when I saw the book being postponed for publishing for February 2010. Not only because “Freefall – America, Free Markets, and the Sinking of the World Economy” by the famous Joseph Stiglitz is a book which promissed to demistify the current prolonged global crisis in a more academic manner (read – with some stone hard economic analysis behind, not the small talk books written usually on the topic). I was expecting it with impatience also because Stiglitz is a non-compromises author – he does not fiddle around the topics, but shoots and moves ahead. And my expetations were actually a bit exceeded.
So, an “Freefall” is an economics book about the recent global crisis and how it spread from US to the rest of the world. I think that besides me, the first one thousand copies were bought by the following characters:
– president Obama and his financial advisors;
– ex- double president Bush, Alan Greenspan and all the economic advisors who accompanied him and
– the bankers who invented lots of arguments to get trillions of dollars in cheap loans from the US government to make even more profits. Read more

Tech Giants War – Google vs Apple

Yesterday a piece of news from the Wall Street Journal hit the markets – Google intends to launch a tablet simillar to the Apple IPad as functionalities. And of course, its stock increased a bit.
Whilst this is good news for Google and bad news for Apple, I wonder why people are surprised at the news. After all, Google is the larges internet player on the planet Earth and it should go on that direction. What surprises me is why Google is trying to launch such a device so late…
…which brings my thoughts to the idea that in gadget terms, Google is an Apple follower. But not in the bad sense of the word. Surprisingly enough, Google might have the ability to take a newly launched product and make it better than its no.1 competitors. It is the old strategy of the largest FMCG producer in the World, Procter & Gamble. But whilst |P&G does this since forever and has some associated risks, Google seems to have found a nice recipy to overcome the issues. Read more

“Technical Analysis: The Complete Resource for Financial Market Technicians” – by Julie R. Dahlquist (Book Review)

Nothing is better than continuous education. And in this respect, we at did read and review quite a lot of books in the technical analysis field lately. We don’t have any statistics readily availabel, but I suppose that has become a top reviewer of the trading books and materials published since 2009… 🙂
Now back to work :). I recently got for review one of the books deemed to be a full encyclopedia of techical analysis techniques. So I got quite curious – was it so?

The first look at the book content was quite convincing. The book is very well organized and takes the reader from the basics to the most advanced techniques. It starts with the fundamental assumptions of the technical analysis field – is the random walk theory valid? Are the trends predictable? What is the blend between mass psychology and statistcis which allows you to make money from analysing the markets? What are the main assumptions behind technical analysis and how well do they stand the test of practice? and so on. Read more

Famous Investing Citations (25) – Emotions


“When emotions enter the markets, irrational things happen.”
(Forbes Magazine, 1998)