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Book Review – “Search Engine Optimization” by Jerri L. Ledford

SEO is one of my latest concerns, especially since Google and Bing started to change a couple of years ago so much the search engine landscape. My worries translated recently in some readings about the search engine optimization semi-science. I call it so since it is a relatively young field of knowledge and still has a long way to go to become a mature field. Read more

A Book Review – “Anyone Can Do It” by Sahar and Bobby Hashemi

There are few books on entrepreneurship written from the authors’ own experience – and this is just one of the things which makes “Anyone Can Do It” very enjoyable reading. “Anyone Can Do It” is a book about building a republic of successful coffee shops and about making it sustainable. `15 years later, Coffee Republic has become a solid old brand in the market – and the owners some of the most successful entrepreneurs in UK. Read more

A Book Review – “Patterns of Entrepreneurship Management”, 3rd Edition Jack M. Kaplan (Columbia Business School), Anthony Warren (Pennsylvania State University)

Two weeks ago, I was posted a review copy of the “Patterns of Entrepreneurship Management”, which was a big change in my financial lectures. I was a bit tired of reading about trading patterns, changing curves or perfect set-ups, so I said to myself – why not read a book about managing your own business? Read more