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A Book Review – “Transnational Management” – by Christopher Bartlett and Paul Beamish

I was always fascinated by the multinational enterprises (MNE’s as they call them in the majority of the textbooks). This not only because their reach tends to be global , but also because they seem to dominate so dramatically the 21st century business arena. If you think how big are these behemoths (the ones with the largest market capitalizations are several times higher than the mid-tier nations in terms of GDP), then the reason becomes also more obvious. At last but not at least, the global presence of the multinational companies means that they are an indispensable part of any investment manager’s portfolio. Read more

What is the business case for laying off staff durring the holiday season?

The business case for firing personnel during the holiday season is a mixture of all of these:
1. New year start coming soon and companies want to show lower no of headcounts on their books, and thus higher productivity (sales/headcount etc);
2. Avoiding bonus payments or pension plans – although severance costs come in – but bear in mind that whilst bonuses and salaries are above the operating profit, thus affecting the companies’ official performance, severance goes below, so one more incentive to do so; Read more