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linkedincom-logo-courtesy-of-the-investment-blog-doitinvestcom-vs1 This is becoming a fashion now – everybody talks about investing in social media. is valued anywhere between $40 billion and $100 billion, based on what the private investors paid for. RenRen, its Chinese counterpart, is already at $7.5 billion. And more are to come…
But one company did the step and they did it at the right moment., the site for professionals interaction who was launched in 2003 (before, launched in February 2004), listed itself this month. And it made it big time, with its shares increasing in 1 day to 90 USD/share, more than Google.
Why is this launch important?
First of all, because is the first major public listing of a social media company. Others are just talked about and valuations are very estimative, but opened the sector doors with a successful launch. Read more

The Best Paid Finance Jobs Today

I was recently browsing the internet for an update on the most interesting jobs in the finance field. Especially in banking, the offer has changed a lot in the last 2-3 years. Whilst in 2008-2009 the best paid jobs and with a relatively large demand were in the area of commercial finance and investment banking, now the situation has changed.
I hope you got curious by now. The results of my mini research are quite surprising: there is a big demand again for banking jobs in a certain area. And the salary offered is quite substantial. Could you guess in which area? Read more

Adventures of a Trader in the Forex Land (8) – Where Is the Dollar Going?

doitinvestcom-forex-trading-blog-where-is-the-usd-going-eur-usd-chart-showing-the-euro-growth-over-the-beginning-of-2011 I am sure this is a question that haunts most of the today’s traders. And of course if you would know the answer, we would not know on which island you would live :).
A simple graph (at the beginning of this blog) is showing that the EUR/USD pair has ramped up from 1.3552 to 1.4825 (as of today May 4). This is a historically large level, as the EUR/USD has rarely jumped above 1.5 (and this only in the great crisis). So why is the dollar so weak nowadays versus the Euro?
There are several reasons for that I guess:

1. Large USD deficit
I was recently reading an article in The Economist showing that by the same method of calculation, the US budget deficit is larger (as a % of GDP and at 11% or so) tha the one of Portugal. A large deficit also means problems for the dollar, since the US government has to finance this somehow and devalue the currency. Thus the consequence. Read more