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Book Review: “International Management – Culture, Strategy and Behavior” – by Fred Luthans and Jonathan Doh

Some books are great, some books are fantastic, and some are at the average. Some are really bad and some are really outstanding. For me, “International Management – Culture, Strategy and Behavior” is neither of these – but just a bit above average.

Do not get me wrong. A book on international business focused on organizational management/human resources is a new focus. In the current world, where we trade continuously across the borders, we forget very often that the most important thing to do is probably to interact efficiently with our foreign counterparts. Yet, “International Management – Culture, Strategy and Behavior” is not exactly my type of book…

…Which still means that this is a nice study text. There are very few books focused on the cultural interactions at a global level. Read more

“Fundamentals of Investment Management” (by Geoffrey Hirt and Stanley Block) – a Financial Book Review

Sometimes you can observe that what you are doing is not really working. Sometimes you think – “what if I would change my methods? What if I would go back to the basics?”. In my opinion, the investments management is not different – no matter how many new investing techniques you learn, no matter how many investment blogs you are reading, you still have to go back to the fundamental theory and revisit it. It is useful to do it at least each couple of years, since the human mind has the nasty habit to forget essential principles. Take a quick test – what do you remember from the high-school mechanics of physics? (please do not do it if you are a physicist :)) ).

McGraw Hill’s handbook called “Fundamentals of Investment Management” is one of those books which make your bookshelf bend, but still you will never ever give up to it, since it is packed with useful references. It takes you from the very basics of the securities and the financial markets, feeding you with lots of definitions and context cases. Nothing really new for McGraw Hill Professional, which stands above other publishing houses for its teaching orientation. What is interesting is its relative completeness – takes you from the tyoes of investments to alternative methods of investing. Read more

Devil’s Government Bonds – a Greek Tragedy

Hello Reader,

Several months ago I finished reading a book Nick Dunbar’s “Devil’s Derivatives“) and liked it very much. According to my habits, I posted a review in here (as I do for every one of the financial books I like and I found something to learn from) It is like reading a family story – and indeed these guys are a weird family… reminds me of the Sopranos (guys only, code of silence, massive amounts of money, win loose game etc). I also liked the gloomy words from the end about the Greece default… and guess what, it is happening! When will we see also a sequel to this book, based on the safest investments possible, the government bonds?