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Interesting US Elections – Will The Businessman Win?

We are still on an early stage of the US elections, yet the battle is hot. Mitt Romney, the ex-Bain executive, famous for his jobs creation/destruction yin yang, is spearheading the Republican army. Still, since his victories are not decisive, but rather marginal, which saps the Republican convictions that he is the right candidate. Actually this is the core question – is Mitt Romney good for United States at this stage?
On one hand, he claims he has created in his business career more than 100,000 jobs via its decisions. This is a good thing for an economy still at the bottom of the recession after several years of financial crisis decline. Never mind these jobs were created mostly in retail – or that they added millions of dollars for the Bain’s shareholders. The point should be taken – and so the consequences
On one hand, his business experience is far from qualifying him for the top spot of the world superpower that US is. He is rather a classical type of politician, not the heavy hand that US sometimes needs. Well, this might actually be a benefit for a country who far too often slammed the fist on the table demanding his will to be obeyed. But at the end of the day, his global business experience is far from replacing a global political game experience.
We are too early to predict Romney’s success or failure. Never mind, he will be a very interesting change for the US, should he win. Whilst Obama brought a major change by listening to the masses and promoting leftist measures, Romney might bring a much needed balloon of oxygen for the struggling US businesses. And at the end of the day this could make a major differences because “it’s all about the money”, right? Maybe..

Investing Book Review – “International Financial Statements Analysis”

Investing Book Review – “International Financial Statements Analysis” by
Thomas R. Robinson, CFA, Hennie van Greuning, CFA, Elaine Henry, CFA, Michael A. Broihahn, CFA

This week I managed to finish reading another monster book in finance – “International Financial Statements Analysis” which is specifically targeted for the CFA (Chartered Financial Analysts) students and professionals. To be honest, I was impressed when I first looked at this book – it looked very dense, and packed with various topics which had a vague resemblance with some of my studies I had in the past. At least on the surface… So at first I was very curious – what did it contain? Read more

Requirements for Payday Loans Minimal, Despite Economic Conditions

While the economic situation in the United States does not look good for much of 2011, at least one bright spot is how those individuals with jobs can get online loans with relative ease.
The basic requirements for payday loans if you have employment are simple: verify that you have a job and a bank account. This is a factor enabling many who lack a good credit history, and therefore access to credit charge cards, to still be able to weather emergencies without loss. Read more