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Disney to Loose $200 Million on a Movie Flop

Walt Disney has announced today it estimates to trash approx. $200 million on the movie John Carter. This would make the sci fi Carter movie probably the largest loss making movie of all times.

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US Indexes Down due to China Worries

After 10 days of almost consecutive gains, US stock exchages indexes started to point mildly down. S&P went down TO 1,406, only 10% below the 1,550 plus record from 2007. All the analists say this id due to a weaker demand of raw materials from China, which in turn is slowing down…in exports.

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Funny Side Post About Online “Gurus”

I was today reading about the “famous” marketeer Tim Lowe. He showcases a photo with his two English expensive cars in front of a mansion on the homepage and pretends to have helped lots lots of customers to develop their business online. All good here, you know, we are all billionaires on paper, at least with 1929 Deutsche Marks (finance guys will get it).
So I go through his website full of testimonials and figures. Greed is good and he got 19 Million quids (aka sterling pounds revenues) with his listbuilder bla bla bla… And then some things strike me and I started to laugh by myself in front of the computer screen. Let us see if you laugh at these too:
– the website has many pages but no comment possibility – how can such a successful entrepreneur not let the others to freely express his opinions on his terrific adventures in the online marketing domain?
– there is one page on the website called “Tim Lowe Scam” – which just makes you wonder;
– and then the cherry on the pie which made me outburst in laugh – can you believe that this fantastic online marketeer has a website with a page rank of…. 2?

Business Book Review – “Handbook of Corporate Performance Management” – by Mike and Pippa Bourne

Measuring corporate performance has become a hot topics for the boardrooms lately. There is a strange opinion stream that underlines that the correct management tools can actually add value – as opposed to the strategy purists which think that only the 5 P’s of marketing can add value to a company. I myself am often confused, even in practice, since the proofs for each side of the argument are plenty. After all, what is the purpose of a complex management structure beyond controlling and optimizing the business? Is it also to create value by designing, implementing and monitoring a chosen strategy? Read more

Credit Insurance Defaulted on Greece

Nothing seems to work anymore as it used to do in the past. There was a time, not long ago, when a credit default swap was always issued by a smart bank and had always a counterparty which was not so smart to underwrite it. Usually the counterparty was AIG, or some other big insurer who thought it could manage any imaginable risk. But the International Swaps and Derivatives Association just changed this rule today, by deciding that the CDS was not triggered yet, despite the huge decline of 90% in the last months. The debt of Greece now stands at “only” $3.2 billion and is basically covered by no insurance or other type of derivative. This makes the sellers and the consulting banks to look very smart, since they do not have to pay anything… yet.
Actually the various rounds of debt reductions have made only a couple of winners so far – namely the Greek government and the Goldman Sachs and other intermediaries who have already cashed in their advisory fees long time ago. Imagine this – wouldn’t you like to run a big corporation, borrow $32 billion, do whatever you want with it and then get away with only 10% of it because you “are too big to fail”?
Hmmm, I would like to be a government like this one. And take the population on the streets if somebody tries to corner me and ask for the WHOLE amount of money back…