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Eurozone Crisis – Cyprus Now, Malta and Luxembourg Next?

Finally everybody had a sigh of relief when Cyprus announced the bailout plan. Painful as it might be for the above-100,000 EUR depositors, it is still a sign that the European Union wants to stay united and is decided to do whatever it takes for this.

But what about the other fiscal paradises which are its members? Are they really worth rescuing? After all, Cyprus proved a valuable point – that even the small countries have their own role in the European financial ecosystem. They act not only as depositors for outside EU countries, but also as gates of entry for investors who want a low-tax route to Europe. From this perspective, EU is wise. Cyprus might not be huge, but still worth keeping for security and taxation reasons…

“Playing to Win” by A.G. Lafley and Roger L. Martin – a Book Review

 Strategy books are so many this year, that you could literally by a dozen by the 10 dollar bill from Amazon. I would go so far as even to say that there are too many. So many strategy tomes are written, that the authors are no longer named “authors”, but “thinkers”, as a new job description… And classified accordingly. (top 50 thinkers, year by year).
“Playing to Win – How Strategy Really Works” (to give the book’s complete name) is actually a very different book in this respect. First of all, “Playing to Win” is written from a practitioner’s perspective. Both authors (A.G. Lafley – by the way, you should buy the book at least for the nice haircut of this gentleman  – and Roger Martin) have created this strategic decision making system during their working life. Actually the system described here was literally applied and developed within Procter & gamble, a fairly successful company overall and a very successful one if e take out the tech sector in the last decade :). Read more