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“Power Cues” by Nick Morgan, a Book Review

Sometimes the title says it all and it is just enough as an appetizer. This book’s subtitle did that job for me: “The Subtle Science of Leading Groups, Persuading Others and Maximizing Your Personal Impact”.

Well, this sounds like the perfect recipe, doesn’t it? It is a bit like in the one-time wonder hit song “Handlebars” – you can already imagine yourself starting low and climbing your skills to the heights of a Capitol where you lead armies of followers.

Leaving jokes aside, “Power Cues” is a really good practical neuroscience book. If you have not met the term before, neuroscience studies the way the brain influences and gets influenced by the the non-verbal language of others (among other things). “Power Cues” delivers exactly that promise – with a practical perspective. The book looks at how people respond to the non-verbal cues of others. Apparently, something that dogs are very good at, but humans – not J. Read more