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“Fundamentals of Investment Management” (by Geoffrey Hirt and Stanley Block) – a Financial Book Review

Sometimes you can observe that what you are doing is not really working. Sometimes you think – “what if I would change my methods? What if I would go back to the basics?”. In my opinion, the investments management is not different – no matter how many new investing techniques you learn, no matter how many investment blogs you are reading, you still have to go back to the fundamental theory and revisit it. It is useful to do it at least each couple of years, since the human mind has the nasty habit to forget essential principles. Take a quick test – what do you remember from the high-school mechanics of physics? (please do not do it if you are a physicist :)) ).

McGraw Hill’s handbook called “Fundamentals of Investment Management” is one of those books which make your bookshelf bend, but still you will never ever give up to it, since it is packed with useful references. It takes you from the very basics of the securities and the financial markets, feeding you with lots of definitions and context cases. Nothing really new for McGraw Hill Professional, which stands above other publishing houses for its teaching orientation. What is interesting is its relative completeness – takes you from the tyoes of investments to alternative methods of investing. Read more

My Investing Wish List – 2010

Lately I have been craving to read more and more investment books, as a bookworm that I am. Yes, I wear glasses and yes, I am a finance guy. So no wonder that in the last year I have been pilling up tons of investment and finance books – most of them also reviewed here, on

My favourite publishing house (and this is NOT an advertorial, believe me, the published did not pay a dime for this!) is Wiley – they have nice finance and investing books which seem to cover professionally some of my favourite topics. Wiley has also books which offer you some extra knowledge needed to cope well under the practical conditions of the market, so I think my desire became at a moment self explanatory.

So here’s my favorite finance and investing books wish list – maybe by Christmas somebody from the Wiley Publishing House will pile those up and send them to me in a big postal package! Then I am guaranteed not to leave my house for the whole winter and just to keep on reading!! Read more

2010 Nobel Prize in Economics vs Ig-Nobel Prize…On Economics Too, of Course

Everybody’s obsessed with finance and the flow of money these days. No wonder that we at go for the same theme and now wonder that the Nobel committees are looking at the same stuff.
This year the Nobel prize for economics was shared by three gentlemen. The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2010 was awarded jointly to Peter A. Diamond, Dale T. Mortensen and Christopher A. Pissarides “for their analysis of markets with search frictions”. The guys looked actually at the imperfections of the markets – why are they not frictionless but full of hidden costs? Read more

“Capturing Profit with Technical Analysis: Hands-on Rules for Exploiting Candlestick, Indicator, and Money Management Techniques” By Sylvain Vervoort – A Book Review

Technical analysis is one of my passions, so here we go with another recent release of a book focusing on that topic. Given the recent advent of the online trading platforms (e.g the MetaTrade 4 or MT), trading has ecome much easier than a few years ago. In the same time, it has become also much more dangerous, since the easiness of trading is simply translated into a greater risk for the trader. And risk means the possibility to have huge profits in a short time, but also the possibility to be wiped out from the market very quickly. Being wiped out from a trading platform means loosing all the money you deposited as a leverage (your trading capital, of course).

Read more

How to Value / Evaluate a Website (part 2)

Well, we continue our previous blog about the website valuation methods and considerations… right now 🙂

As mentioned in our previous post, the vast majority of the 11 million or so links can be summarized in two extreme positions: Read more

How to Value / Evaluate a Website (part 1)

zurich-airport-main-lounge-september-2009-switzerlandI was recently thinking that buying a website is a form of investing too. And some of our competing investing blogs say that investing is an art. Does this mean that you should pay on a website the value asked by the artist owner? No way!

A search on Google using the keywords “web site valuation method” shows that there are almost 11 million search results. Read more

A Book Review – “The Only Three Questions You Need to Ask” by Ken Fisher

ken-fisherWell, a book on investing on shares by a Forbes columnist who has more experience than my professional age? Could be interesting, don’t you think?


And indeed it was. Ken Fisher writes in a somehow difficult manner. He sidetracks with his three questions back and forth on the same subject. And repeats quite obsessively some of his ideas in the 400+ pages of this project. But at the end of the day I found “The only 3 questions you need to ask” informing and well documented. And full of (arguably) useful insights on shares investing.


What is the book about?


Well, about investing in shares and about how you can sustainably beat the markets. Read more