Why I Left Goldman Sachs: A Wall Street Story by Greg Smith – A Book Review

A search on Google for Goldman Sachs returns 328 million results. Created in 1869, Goldman Sachs rose quickly to be a favorite banks in the US for IPO’s and later for investment banking. Its history was always tied to acquisitions of trading funds and various financial instruments. And of course, during the sub-prime crisis in 2007, Goldman Sachs became even […]

Business Book Review – “Handbook of Corporate Performance Management” – by Mike and Pippa Bourne

Measuring corporate performance has become a hot topics for the boardrooms lately. There is a strange opinion stream that underlines that the correct management tools can actually add value – as opposed to the strategy purists which think that only the 5 P’s of marketing can add value to a company. I myself am often confused, even in practice, since […]

Investing Book Review – “International Financial Statements Analysis”

Investing Book Review – “International Financial Statements Analysis” by Thomas R. Robinson, CFA, Hennie van Greuning, CFA, Elaine Henry, CFA, Michael A. Broihahn, CFA This week I managed to finish reading another monster book in finance – “International Financial Statements Analysis” which is specifically targeted for the CFA (Chartered Financial Analysts) students and professionals. To be honest, I was impressed […]

Book Review – “Multinational Financial Management” (International Student Version) by Alan Shapiro

If you are a financial manager aspiring to an international career – or only if you want to understand the implications of the cross-border expansion of the companies, “Multinational Financial Management” must have a place in your book shelf. I’ve met in my life quite a few finance managers with international responsibilities – and not all of them understood exactly […]

One More Investing Reading Wishlist

This is the second part of my reading wishlist which I will probably order soon – these business/economics/investing books seem top of 2010 for the moment: 1 “The Art of Choosing” Sheena Iyengar; Hardcover; $17.15 Sold by: Amazon.com, LLC 1 “Zombie Economics: How Dead Ideas Still Walk among Us” John Quiggin; Hardcover; $16.47 2 “Fault Lines: How Hidden Fractures Still […]