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“Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI” – book by Paul Daugherty and H. James Wilson (book review)

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming really hot topics. Take Europe companies, for example – it is enough to through in the discussion the “digitalization” and the “machine learning” topics and you will get the CEO’s attention. But as in most mini-industrial revolutions, the devil hides into the details. And the very same companies that push for transforming themselves are having a difficult time to perform the transformation itself. This is because of multiple reasons – not the smallest being a certain lack of knowledge ramp up during the current revolution.
“Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI” takes an interesting middle ground approach to the topic. On one hand, it lays down quickly the rules governing this brave new volatile world – data agility. Continue reading ““Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI” – book by Paul Daugherty and H. James Wilson (book review)” »

The World is Full of Noise

Let’s face it – almost all of us succumbed to this temptation: we could do the toughest, most important task or we could break all of them into pieces (“eating the elephant” as the management gurus say) and start chewing them. Or just give in to the boss’ latest request and answer his (sometimes lazy) easy to dig emails.
In this world of digital enrichment, our human brains are spectacularly assisted and enabled to do so the work. Simple exercise: close your eyes and try to imagine how long and how many people you would need to achieve what you now manage in a working day… without laptops, internet and corporate cloud software solutions. Hmmm… not too much, right? Continue reading “The World is Full of Noise” »

First Task to Accomplish on Monday Morning

Imagine it is 09:00 AM on a Monday morning. You just landed in your office, supercharged by the Bucks or Republic or another brand coffee. You already had two phone calls with a customer (internal or external). Your task waiting list is longer than the Bible’s first chapter and you do not (want to) know where to begin. So what do you do?
It might look as a joke, but you might start by reading a chapter of a professional book. Research shows that you become 1-2% smarter with every book you read. Your synapses get fired up, your brain starts working and warming up, you get smarter. So why not?

Bestselling Books List from Amazon

Today I had a curiosity – what are the bestselling financial books on Amazon and what is the buzz they are generating over the internet. After all, such a financial bestsellers list should give an indication of the buyers’ moods and interests: what are the readers looking for? how do they feel about the economy? how do they look at the future.
As such, I have compiled a table showing not only the Amazon best finance books rank (this would be embarrassing for, although not unseen before on a financial blog). We have also tracked the number of search results on Google and Bing for those titles. The number of search results should give a very approximate indication of where the interests of the internauts are going to. We have also tried to compile yahoo search results, but their results are a bit strange and most of them were not relevant (N/R).
Conclusions are very interesting. Amazon finance readers look for 3 main categories of books (the first two being by far dominant): Continue reading “Bestselling Books List from Amazon” »

My Investing Wish List – 2010

Lately I have been craving to read more and more investment books, as a bookworm that I am. Yes, I wear glasses and yes, I am a finance guy. So no wonder that in the last year I have been pilling up tons of investment and finance books – most of them also reviewed here, on

My favourite publishing house (and this is NOT an advertorial, believe me, the published did not pay a dime for this!) is Wiley – they have nice finance and investing books which seem to cover professionally some of my favourite topics. Wiley has also books which offer you some extra knowledge needed to cope well under the practical conditions of the market, so I think my desire became at a moment self explanatory.

So here’s my favorite finance and investing books wish list – maybe by Christmas somebody from the Wiley Publishing House will pile those up and send them to me in a big postal package! Then I am guaranteed not to leave my house for the whole winter and just to keep on reading!! Continue reading “My Investing Wish List – 2010” »

Famous investing quotations (24) – Wall Street Maxims

“The bigger you are, the harder to trade.”
(New York Times, 1900)
In other words, when you trade with large amounts you have two big effects:
– first of all you trade with large amounts of money or securities and you can influence too much the price, in the opposite of the desired direction;
– secondly, the fear factor increases – the more you trade, the more you can loose and the more risk averse you become.

FED Admits Consumer Confidence Low

A comment today from FED delicately said that the US economy seemed to improve “modestly”. Well folks we all read the famous Alan Greenspan book “The Age of Unreason” and we know what this means in the FED jargon – that the economy is performing below expectations. Continue reading “FED Admits Consumer Confidence Low” »