Simplicient Controlling – The Simple (and Efficient) Finance Manager Blog

Our “Simplicient Controlling” series of articles demistifies the DNA of a Finance Controller’s job: main responsibilities, the best financial management tools, how to become a best in class controller / business partner, surveys, statistics and opinions:


Simplicient Controlling 5 – Why is Sales Analysis so Difficult?

The starting point of any P&L and of any controller’s job kit, sales analysis is becoming more and more difficult. Counter-intuitive, given the nature of the Business Intelligence tools’ progress. Why is this happening?

Simplicient Controlling 4 – Advancing your Education – MBA or Professional Qualification?

The 4th part of the financial management blog series looks how a controller can advance her education whilst having the biggest career impact.

Simplicient Controlling 3 – Are the Tech Skills Still Relevant?

This blog explores how much retraining a controller needs, especially with regards to the fast changing systems (ERPs, Business Intelligence tools, analytics, machine learning etc). It also argues for CPD (Continuous Professional Development).

Simplicient Controlling 2 – To Reduce or Not… Your SG&A Expenses

We are living a world of permanent changes – and companies need to constantly revisit their operating and indirect expenses. How can they cut their SG&A and continue to grow?

Simplicient Controlling 1 – Laying the Ground

The starting point of the financial management blog – why it started and what it tries to achieve.