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Forbes Rich List 2009 Unveils Big Changes

billionnaires-mapOne of the most awaited lists in the world of money, the one maintained by Forbes, has been published. And of course, is hitting all the media channels.
If you look at the list, many positions have been changed. And this is mostly due to the recent worldwide shakedown of the economies, who have torn appart many industries. The financial crisis was hitting hard most of the bilionnaired, especially those with large investments in the financial industry or in the raw materials sector.
Some of the billionnaires risked too much. So were most of the Indian and Russian oligharchs, who saw their fortunes vanishing once with the oil price going down more than 3 times in one year. Read more

Famous investing quotations (21) – market forces

It is better to own 1% of something rather than control 100% of anything else. (doitinvest.com)

From “How To Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive”, Harvey McKay

Famous investors – Pierre Omidyar and his selling adventure

1967 Born.
1988 Graduates from Tufts University.
1991 Co-founds Ink Development Corporation in 1991.
1995 Starts eBay as homepage hosted by the local ISP.
1996 Ink Development, renamed eShop, sold to Microsoft.
1996 eBay profitable by February. Read more

Famous investing quotations 13 – about individuality


Be an individualist—and an individual. You’ll be amazed at how much faster you’ll get ahead.

J. Paul Getty (1892–1976) US entrepreneur, oil industry executive, and financier. 

How to Be Rich (1965)

Famous investors – Charles Merril


As one of the most admired brokers of all the times, Charles Merril has founded the company who commoditised the shares trading. He took advantage of his retail experience and made investing simple and cheap. Doitinvest.com gives you below a hint on how he made it…

Read more

Famous investors (1) – Warren Buffet and his lessons in investments

Let’s be honest and face it – the big shots, the people who did a hell of a lot of money from their investments, will rarely go public about their methods. Yet Warrent Buffet, the Sage of Omaha, has constantly promoted transparency and openness in investing for more than 40 years.
How did Warren do it without damaging his investments? Read more