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Famous Investing Citations (25) – Emotions


“When emotions enter the markets, irrational things happen.”
(Forbes Magazine, 1998)

Famous investing quotations (25) – on information

We want to run this place like the cockpit of a jetliner, where you have hundreds of different instruments before you at all times and know exactly where you are.
Dan England (b. 1948) US CEO of C.R. England. ‘The Mavericks’, Fortune (June 1995)

Famous investing quotations (23) – on information, Drucker again

The first thing practically everyone must learn is to take information responsibly.
Peter F. Drucker (b. 1909) US management consultant and academic. Quoted in Techno Vision (C.B. Wang; 1994)

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Famous investing quotations (21) – on information

I’d always rather err on the side of openness. But there’s a difference between optimum and maximum openness, and fixing that boundary is a judgment call. The art of leadership is knowing how much information you’re going to pass on.
Warren Bennis (b. 1925) US educator and writer. Interview, Strategy + Business (July–September 1997)

Worst Investment Forecasts for 2008

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Famous investing quotations – 4 – size matters


“Is your company so small you have to do everything for yourself? Wait until you’re so big that you can’t. That’s worse.” 


Michael Bloomberg (b. 1942) US entrepreneur, business executive, and Mayor of New York.

Bloomberg by Bloomberg (co-written with Matthew Winkler; 1997)