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Weekly Update On Our Doitinvest Investment Portfolio no.1 – U.S. Blue Chip Stocks (3)

As we have adopted fundamentally long positions in our US blue chip shares portfolio, there are no changes in the no of shares owned as of today. However, the market seemed to come back a little bit this week and we extended our gains modestly (but certainly, as $8,000 is no little gain I’d say -0.8% per week measn 40% in one year, an investment yield hard to obtain otherwise than by doing a lot of short selling these days).

So the summary of our US portfolio looks as follows: Read more

Update On Our Doitinvest Investment Portfolio no.1 – U.S. Blue Chip Stocks

djia-april-2009-14th-overall-us-market-evolutionWell, two weeks have passed since we started our blue chip shares portfolio. If you remember, we created a portfolio of very liquid shares two weeks ago, with the intention of tracking its performance and of comparing it with the investments performance of the DJIA index.

Well, in two weeks the things are quite good. The initial value of our investments portfolio was $1,06 million. In these 13 days we had no bad luck – in fact we had capital gains (since we did not made any transactions with the shares) of $60,000. This corresponds to an investment yield of 6% before any trading commissions and taxes, or roughly to 4% after those. Read more

Our Investment Portfolio no.1 – U.S. Blue Chip Stocks

Well, it was about time that we at doitinvest.com we start our own public investing portfolio. And so we did with our no.1 portfolio. Today we are going to describe here our principles of creating this investing portfolio. In future doitinvest blogs we will also monitor the health of this stocks portfolio, as well as its performance.

The portfolio we chosen looks like this: Read more

Forbes Rich List 2009 Unveils Big Changes

billionnaires-mapOne of the most awaited lists in the world of money, the one maintained by Forbes, has been published. And of course, is hitting all the media channels.
If you look at the list, many positions have been changed. And this is mostly due to the recent worldwide shakedown of the economies, who have torn appart many industries. The financial crisis was hitting hard most of the bilionnaired, especially those with large investments in the financial industry or in the raw materials sector.
Some of the billionnaires risked too much. So were most of the Indian and Russian oligharchs, who saw their fortunes vanishing once with the oil price going down more than 3 times in one year. Read more