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A DVD Review – “Harnessing Explosive Market Turns: Finding Profitable Set-ups with Fibonacci, Lucas, Elliott Wave, and Candlesticks” by Jeff Greenblatt

I am already a veteran reviewer of Jeff Greenblatt’s opera magna, since I already did a review for his well known book “Breakthrough Strategies for Predicting Any Market” :). In the beginning, I must admit I was a bit confused by the cryptic language and by the unorthodox approaches used by Jeff in that book. But since then I read a few other books on trading and the light started to shine at the end of this tunnel. So here I am, with a new review on Greenblatt’s latest DVD trading series of videos, “Harnessing Explosive Market Turns”. Read more

Stocks technical analysis on shares – pro’s and con’s

Technical analysis is a wide domain and many potential investors use if for trying to predict future “abnormalities” on the market returns of the target companies’ stocks. Of course, this activity resembles a lot to gold mining – you have to dig a lot (or do lots of analysis) to get to the shining ore of a potential stock increase. Read more

Microsoft Stock Technical Analysis

If we spoke a few days ago on our technical analysis blog about this method, why not illustrate it? We have chosen for this exemplification one of the most traded shares on planet Earth – the stocks of Microsoft. Read more

Investing techniques – how to research a company

Investing researchThere are many ways to research a company nowadays, especially with the rise of the internet as a research tool which is both 24 hours available and omnipresent. DoItInvest has applied these sources constantly and has found that some investing research properly done in advance of buying anything might really help. We at doitinvest had a lot of experiene with both the accademic / MBA-like research tools for investing (which are often associated with professional investing) and with the less usual methods of research (often the unconventional investing can be the most effective, as I’m sure you’ve experienced before). So here we go with the list of potential investment research methods, from the easier ones to the more difficult: Read more