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Past share buybacks haunt some US companies

Standard & Poor’s 500 companies have spent $1.73 trillion on buybacks up to September since the fourth quarter of 2004, according to the ratings company. With the U.S. in a recession, the companies face the threat of additional credit-rating downgrades after being punished for the earlier borrowing.

But what was the trick behind, which pushed serious companies such as Macy’s or Gannet to buy back their shares? And (hard to believe), even by borrowing money to do so? Read more

How Long Will The Current Financial Crisis Last? (Part 2)

As we have seen on doitinvest.com previously, there is no shortage of theories on the above issue. Some experts surveyed by doitinvest are quite cynical, for example: Read more

US homeowners consider their houses lost value

In a recent survey by Zillow, the vast majority of the homeowners surveyed think their houses lost value over the past year. This is hardly new in itself, as doitinvest.com has warned about it a few times. however, the 51% who sustain this statement is really worrying. Read more

Is it still worth to invest in a credit crunch?

If you are one of those investors who get scared when things go ugly, of course the answer is not. After all, seeing the banks shares crushing, the prices of raw materials going up and making 50% of some sectors’ companies going bankrupt and the job cuts in the US, all this gets kind of scary. Read more