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An Investment Book Review –“International Corporate Finance” by J. Ashok Robin

Well, this came as almost a treat – corporate finance, which in itself is an investment topic to be studied, on an international context. There are many textbooks on the market which study the corporate finance topics, from the main financial decisions of a corporation to financial instruments or the (in)famous weighted average cost of capital (WACC). In an international context, there are quite few study texts.
The field of International corporate finance deals with the various financial activities of international corporations or multinational companies. This book is even more focused – it concentrates on the multinational companies (MNC’s or MNE’s) and on their blood who keeps pumping and make them grow –the flow of money. Read more

Weekly Update On Our Doitinvest Investment Portfolio no.1 – U.S. Blue Chip Stocks (3)

As we have adopted fundamentally long positions in our US blue chip shares portfolio, there are no changes in the no of shares owned as of today. However, the market seemed to come back a little bit this week and we extended our gains modestly (but certainly, as $8,000 is no little gain I’d say -0.8% per week measn 40% in one year, an investment yield hard to obtain otherwise than by doing a lot of short selling these days).

So the summary of our US portfolio looks as follows: Read more

Update On Our Doitinvest Investment Portfolio no.1 – U.S. Blue Chip Stocks

djia-april-2009-14th-overall-us-market-evolutionWell, two weeks have passed since we started our blue chip shares portfolio. If you remember, we created a portfolio of very liquid shares two weeks ago, with the intention of tracking its performance and of comparing it with the investments performance of the DJIA index.

Well, in two weeks the things are quite good. The initial value of our investments portfolio was $1,06 million. In these 13 days we had no bad luck – in fact we had capital gains (since we did not made any transactions with the shares) of $60,000. This corresponds to an investment yield of 6% before any trading commissions and taxes, or roughly to 4% after those. Read more

Our Investment Portfolio no.1 – U.S. Blue Chip Stocks

Well, it was about time that we at doitinvest.com we start our own public investing portfolio. And so we did with our no.1 portfolio. Today we are going to describe here our principles of creating this investing portfolio. In future doitinvest blogs we will also monitor the health of this stocks portfolio, as well as its performance.

The portfolio we chosen looks like this: Read more

ETF’s – Are They Performing Better in a Bear Market?

Dark times aheadIt is notorious that most of the US mutual funds have had to incur losses last year (many of them between -30% and -20%, some of them even lower). And the story got even worse – due to their massive losses, most of these mutual funds were forced to sell big chunks at their assets at a loss and reimburse the capital gains to the investors. Who in turn incurred even more losses because the of the capital gains taxes.
This was very bad for an investor, indeed. And those burned investors started to looking for alternatives. One of them, close in concept, is to invest in ETF’s (exchange traded funds). Unlike mutual funds, ETFs incur zero capital gains until an investor actually sells his shares. While turnover in an ETF’s holdings can be high, it is done through in-kind exchanges of one security for another rather than through selling and buying fractions of the funds assets. Read more

Investing techniques basics – technical analysis

Most of the investment analysts talk about analysing the various investing options, not about their methods. But in reality they are very specialised on what they are doing: SeekingAlpha.com for example is looking mostly for the fundamental analysis of the stock markets, whereas Prophet.net is considered by Forbex the apex of the stocks technical analysis. Read more