Ethics in the Pharma Business – Why Did Ely Lilly Prescribe Non-Working Drugs?

You might have heard of this already – Ely Lilly has been actively marketing drugs supposed to counteract the Alzheimer disease for older people, which did not work. And this is more than a $6.8 billion suit already – the prosecutors have lots of documents to prove it, according to the media. Insurers and other so-called third-party payers evaluated that […]

Update On Our Doitinvest Investment Portfolio no.1 – U.S. Blue Chip Stocks (4)

After the last weeks’ rally on the stock exchanges, our portfolio has increased substantially in value. The Blue Chip US portfolio created by doitinvest has started from $1,000,000 on April 2nd. At the end of April it has gained already 6,8%, indicating that the timing we have chosen for starting it was a good one. Which proved to be true, […]