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Apple‘s Lifestory – New Services Overextended 2.0 – Apple TV+ Imperfect

After trying to test Apple TV+, I got a new concern: the message “Your funds are currently unavailable” on the upcoming Apple Pay service. Yes, it is a hard job to stay at the top of the electronic services food chain – and there are signs that Apple is too big and sliding on the maturity curve.

For sure, Apple has a well deserved superb user experience reputation. This is why I felt a bit excited when I turned on last night myApple TV black box and noticed that the TV+ and Starz menu where there pushed upfront. So I tried the usual app preview that Apple is famous for.
Well, I was disappointed: the Apple TV+ and the Starz services did not work. There was a message on my screen claiming that “Internet connection not available”. A straight line from the software – 3 seconds later, Netflix worked right away.

No one doubts Apple will fix this. My concern is why did this happen on the first place at all? By the time the fixing will come, they will messed up my excellency expectations from the largest company out there. Pushing a new service to your users without asking their permission first and without testing it minutiously – well, this reflects hubris – or customer under-care. And with so many streaming services competing for our wallet, Apple TV+ started on the wrong foot – with me and probably numberless other European customers (at least). The end of Ape’s reign has arrived. Long live the competition!

Please find attached the photos proof of what was going on:

May 2019 pushed to users Apple TV Upgrade – 1

Apple TV+ not functional on Apple TV, May 2019

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