Radu Haraga

Senior finance professional with more than 15 years of diversified P&L management, financial analysis, cost reduction and reporting system experience in the commercial finance and accounting. Besides multi-country team management, demonstrated capabilities to analyze and support sales growth, profit margins improvement, as well as sustainable cost reductions. Top notch business and professional qualifications - top 40 MBA (Hons.), FCCA, CIA, CIMA and others.

Investing today in the US financial sector – is it worth?

In a previous article doitinvest.com was already pointing at the high risk associated with the investments in the banking and financial services sector shares. We came up with specific data and information showing that huge losses from the subprime/real estate portfolios write downs (US$ 7 billion only in 2007) and we showed that this sector has become very risky because of its lack of transparency (despite applying the Basel 2 rules, or maybe because of them!).

However, risky means higher profit (or loss!) opportunities for the investors, so some of you might be interested in going ahead and speculate the current situation. What should you do?Read More »Investing today in the US financial sector – is it worth?

Famous investors (1) – Warren Buffet and his lessons in investments

Let’s be honest and face it – the big shots, the people who did a hell of a lot of money from their investments, will rarely go public about their methods. Yet Warrent Buffet, the Sage of Omaha, has constantly promoted transparency and openness in investing for more than 40 years.
How did Warren do it without damaging his investments?Read More »Famous investors (1) – Warren Buffet and his lessons in investments