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“Bring Your Brain to Work – Using Cognitive Science to Get a Job, Do it Well and Advance Your Career” by Art Markman – a HBR Press Book Review

a HBR press book review by doitinvest.comArt Markman brings a new twist to a very hot topic – how to succeed in today’s fiercely competitive environment. As professionals, we are facing more and more often various questions: how do you cope with the unknown variables when interviewing for a job? How do you find the signs signalling it is time to move on your career? How does your boss think about your salary raise request?

There are many books on the market dealing generally with these topics. “Bring Your Brain to Work” tries to approach them from a different perspective.

The book draws on the modern cognitive science principles to support 3 major areas of our personal development: how to get a job, how to be promoted and how to advance your career. Whilst “Bring Your Brain to Work” has some good theory within, its goal is mostly practical. Art Markman takes a study case, logical approach to each of the above mentioned topics and dissects them one by one.

As a Professor of Marketing and Psychology, Art Markman is well qualified to talk about our professional personas. What makes him even better at it is his passion on the topic. “Bring Your Brain to Work” comes not only from academic research, but also from a practical experience – Markman co-host a similarly themed radio show called “Two Guys in Your Head”.

On a light-hearted manner, the author gets into your head and into the other side of the table’s head. Whilst we all need to get better at ourselves, it is equally important to understand the motivations of the others in the various negotiations. Only then one can be reasonably certain that we are finally getting the bigger picture. And, equally important, more benefits from the negotiations.

There are several important steps to progress with your career – and “Bring Your Brain to Work” goes through them gradually. Below the books contents:



1. The Path to Success Runs through Cognitive Science

Part One: Getting a Job

2. Finding Opportunities You’ll Value

3. Applying and Interviewing

4. From the Offer to the Decision

Part Two: Succeeding at Work

5. Learning

6. Communicating

7. Producing

8. Leading

Part Three: Managing Your Career

9. Move Away, Move On, or Move Up

10. Your Career

Epilogue: Write Your Story


The book lays out a surprising journey in our brains during our work lives – I found it enjoyable and informative in the same time.

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