“The Leader You Want to Be” by Amy Jen Su – a HBR Press Book Review

As an executive coach, Amy Jen Su brings to HBR a different perspective to personal development. Her experience with professionals around the globe, from middle management to the C level, led her to write “The Leader You Want to Be”. An interesting title, which turns upside down the classical personal development philosophy. Why? Usually the managers are oriented towards the […]

“Connected Strategy: Building Continuous Customer Relationships for Competitive Advantage” – a HBR Press Book Review

“Connected Strategy” takes a look at an old dog that is learning every day new tricks: the promise of beautifying the customer relationships for every organization. When one looks at the complexity of the modern technology , it is easy to get lost. How can artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and the mobile transformation change so much the marketing […]

”Reinventing the Organisation” by Arthur Yeung & Dave Ulrich – a HBR Book Review

There are usually few books addressing the organisational development field – and even less out there of a relevant nature. “Reinventing the Organisation” makes a come back at this lateral management topic – and a good one. My first question when reaching for this new Harvard Business Review title was – why do we need to recreate our compqnies’ structures? […]

„Everyday Chaos“ by David Weinberger – a HBR Book Review

To say that the Internet is an integral part of our lives is certainly an understatement. And David Weinberger, the famous American technologist who wrote the first Internet marketing, seems well placed to write about it. In a world where everything happens at once, where technologies combine with AI to deliver more-than-human results, „Everyday Chaos“ comes a bit late. Yet, […]