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Markets Summary – An Investor’s Digest for 29.11.2023

Lead Story in Markets: Clean-energy Sell-Off Defended by AES CEO

Andrés Gluski, CEO of US power group AES, has voiced concerns over the recent clean-energy sell-off, calling it “very wrong.” Gluski defended the company’s continued investment in renewables despite the market rout this year. As the push for sustainable energy intensifies globally, Gluski stands firm on the value of such investments, challenging the current market sentiment.

Chinese Business & Finance: Quant Hedge Funds Bet on China Amidst Investor ExodusRead More »Markets Summary – An Investor’s Digest for 29.11.2023

Markets Summary – An Investor’s Digest for 07.11.2023

US Interest Rates and Developing Countries:
Rising US interest rates are contributing to what the World Bank has called a “silent debt crisis” in developing countries. Some high-debt, low-income nations face difficulties in rolling over their bonds, potentially leading to financial instability. This situation underscores the global impact of US monetary policy on emerging economies.

Chinese Economy and Falling Pork Prices:
Falling pork prices in China are posing a risk of deflation. Despite weak demand, pig farmers have maintained production levels. This economic development highlights the challenges of managing inflation and deflation in the world’s second-largest economy.Read More »Markets Summary – An Investor’s Digest for 07.11.2023

Markets Summary – An Investor’s Digest for 24.10.2023

Today’s market summary is as follows:

The “Magnificent Seven” tech stocks have driven US equity markets to new highs. These tech giants have played a significant role in pushing the MSCI All-Country World index to record gains for the year.

US Treasury Bonds:
US Treasury yields fell from a 16-year high as Bill Ackman ended a bearish bet. The 10-year benchmark borrowing cost briefly climbed above 5% for the first time since 2007 before retreating.Read More »Markets Summary – An Investor’s Digest for 24.10.2023

Global Technology Shares – Reckoning Still Approaching?

One year ago, opinionated that a retreat on the technology shared prices was coming. Now in 2020 the technology shares marched to new heights. The tech-heavy Nasdaq index increased with almost 25% year-on-year, leaving critics scratching their heads. So where did we and other analysts get it wrong?

In my view, there were several factors in play:

** The macro environment changes

The technology advances did not only increased productivity in many sectors, it also entrenched and legitimized many players. FANG companies are now an implicit part of many companies’ strategies and operations. Most services companies are now seeing cloud operations as a must-have.Read More »Global Technology Shares – Reckoning Still Approaching?

US Tech Shares – Reckoning Approaching?

Who says share investors are rational? I mean, beyond a handful of Nobel for economics winners (Merton & Scholes, Akerlof et co.).
Today’s US technology shares were rattled by two tweets from President Trump. No numbers mentioned, only acid comments on China – and the own-elected FED Chairman. The technology shares plunged immediately an average of -2,5%, whilst other US indices went down:

US Tech Shares snapshot Aug 2019, doitinvest.comRead More »US Tech Shares – Reckoning Approaching?