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Eurozone Crisis – Spain Bailout or Bailin?

Fresh news from the oven – pressed by its own provinces, Spain is asking for bailout money, but Germany withheld it for the moment. A coordinated rescue program could pave the way for the European Central Bank to buy Spanish bonds. Noone knows when ECB will intervene and probably the markets are uncertain about the magnitude itself- which explains why FTSEurofirst index of top European shares opened 0.4 percent lower this morning. But this is not a big decrease after all, it is just reflecting the above mentioned uncertainty on the markets.
Will Spain get its bailout? I personally am pretty sure it will, especially after the commitment offered to Greece. It does not mean that the spell of disaster should be sent away.
No, it just means that we will very probably see a mini-rally of the French, German and Spanish banks next days. So if you have the guts…

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