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Hello world of investors and of investing possibilities


We start today this investments blog out of passion and experience. In the turbulent world of today, not even the famous pension funds of the ‘80’s can any longer guarantee a decent retirement. So the only way to get quickly to your dream lifestyle is to invest – and to get good returns on your investments. We would like to pinpoint a few ideas and investment areas where you might dig in … and that’s not all.

We start out of the belief that investing is not a “black art”. Investments are accessible to everybody, even to common people like you and me. And if you started out a long time your investment activities, you know that you can learn something new every day. Therefore, we will bring in new investment techniques and ideas which might help you go further than the crowd. And of course, we’d like to have here a common discussions platform for your ideas and experiences in investing. therefore, we are looking forward to hearing from you!


At last but not at least, investing is about acting. Not next year, not next week, but today. Now. Investing is not about the vehicles you choose for your money, be them stocks, raw materials, forex, derivatives (futures, options) or real estate. Investing is about acting now by choosing the right vehicle (the one that suits your investing style and your risk appetite) and about using is at max. It’s the way we use the assets of the (successful) companies we work for or with. It is, after all, about the laws of economics and how can we use them to further our wealth, whilst still improving the society around us.


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