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How To Compile a Top 10 Investing Books List

Last night me and several investor friends had a long conversation about the best investing books ever. True, one can find on the market so many titles that it is almost overwhelming. Investment books can range from advice for beginners, technical trading books, Forex guides – to even excel-oriented investing books or guru’s promising you fortunes in exchange for a one hour a day.
I would dare to say that the investment books market is so diverse that not even ten lifetimes would help you to digest all of them.
Yet, most of the investor-oriented books have several features in common:
– they have a limited theoretical background behind them (which means that once you mastered the main ideas, you will hardly read about new investing techniques in a new book);
– investing books can be divided into technical/mathematical and behavioral. One without another is not possible;
– they are “readable”, not arid and obscure financial compendiums.

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