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How to invest $100

Of course, this could generate a good laugh. But as we on discovered on our research, it is actually quite a feasible idea.
Let’s suppose you paid all the debts which you can – using the spare money to invest instead getting rid of the high-interest debt is not a good idea. What can you do with your $100?
One of the best ways to invest sucha small amount of money is through Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRPs), also known as Drips. They and their direct relatives, Direct Stock Purchase Plans (DSPs), allow you to bypass brokers (and their commissions) by buying stock directly from the companies or their agents. A quick search over the internet revealed that there are over 800 companies who offer this possibility, from pharmaceuticals to software, from construction companies to satellite builders.
The easiest way to acquire a drip is to go to its website. For example, we went to the Pfizer corporate website, where they offer a wealth of information on their drips:
“Direct Purchase: If you do not yet own any shares of Pfizer stock, you may enroll in the program by completing an authorization form and returning it to the Administrator with a check or money order for $500 or more up to a maximum of $120,000 in U.S. dollars. There is no enrollment fee.

Purchase of Additional Shares and Automatic Monthly Bank Debits: You may buy additional shares of Pfizer stock as often as weekly in an amount of at least $50 in U.S. dollars. You may also purchase Pfizer stock by authorizing automatic monthly debits from your bank account. Amounts must be at least $50 a month. Your combined investment may not exceed $120,000 in any one calendar year. You pay no fees for these investments.

Pfizer Dividend Reinvestment: You may elect to reinvest the cash dividends on all or a portion of your Pfizer shares. Pfizer pays dividends on both whole and fractional shares in the Program and will credit your account with the whole and fractional shares that are purchased with your dividends.”

Sounds easy, right? Of course, and it is actually quite easy. Of course, it is never a bad idea to check the share prices on the markets, but anyhow the hassle free approach reccomends here can really help.

An even easier way is to enter into the forex transactions (more about these in a future There are literally thousands of websites who offer you quick and easy access to the forex market. Beware, however! The forex market is extremely volatile and you can easily loose the money you have put in, so we strongly advise you not to put money which you actually need for other daily purposes!

Anyway, forex has become an extremely popular way of investing, especially with the rise of the websites who offer a wealth of technical analysis on the various global currency markets.

That’s all for the moment, folks!

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