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How to Learn German Faster

One of my lateral hobbies was to learn German faster and better – you would not believe how much time and money one can spend with limited results in learning the difficult Deutscsprache. And with our pressured professional and personal lives, the challenge of learning German becomes even bigger. Thus, I decided to put together a few resources on how one can accelerate their German learning.
Without a course, German will be very difficult to aquire – it is all about practice. This is why I reccomend Hueber’s courses in a class format. You could start by buying their combined courses experiences, we recommend the following (Hueber) course materials:

German A2 level – one can speak German at an elementary to normal level, in everyday life situations:

From B1, things get more complicated – the B1 German level takes you to speaking fluidly in day to day situation, with a normal mastery of vocabulary and the grammar rules:

At the German B2 level, the skill allows you to speak with natives on a wide range of themes and topics:

Testing under OSD for B2 can be supported by this German language testing book (good for both Goethe and the OSD tests):

And of course, if you want to be able not only to act professionally, but also to study and develop yourself in a German university, the C1 German level is required:

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