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How would you invest 10,000 USD?

Today June 28th is Saturday, which is not quite the most serious day (and definitely not the most suitable one for investing, unless you programmed some power lunch today). But investing your money is a never ending activity, so I’d like to make your neurons jog a little bit with the following question:

How would you invest 10,000 USD if you had them available in your account, today?

This is a simple investing opinion poll and everybody’s invited to come in and add comments to this post with her/his ideas. Don’t be shy, just go wild! After 30 days, I will summarize the results of this poll and post them here, so give it a shot. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “How would you invest 10,000 USD?”

  1. Hi there, that’s a very good investment question. I would split my 10,000 USD as such:
    – 4,000 USD in shares who outperform the Dow Jones industrial average;
    – 4,000 USD in mutual funds (maybe investing in Goldman Sachs, who has relatively stable funds);
    – 2,000 USD in liquid bonds, so that I’d have some cash.
    It looks like a portfolio or what?!

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