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Interviewing for Finance Jobs

IMG_6499One of the problems some of the CFOs have in their careers periodically is that it is stalling. Then, naturally, you have to do something. As a consequence, they go interviewing. Or maybe (more probably) they are on the other side of the desk and are looking for somebody. Again, they go…well…interviewing, right?
Well, the recruitment companies are full of advice of how to go for a finance interview. Guess what – most of it is useless, since if you are a finance professional you will already know most of the interviewing questions, techniques etc.
Maybe some of the more practical advices below could help you be more successful when you interview for a finance top job:
1. Go for your level of job. Maybe slightly above it, but not too much, or you will risk flying too high and disappoint yourself.
2. Master your finance technicalities. If you do not know exactly how to do a budget P&L for selling expenses, do not kid your future employer – state exactly at what level you are. Recruiters will sell you as a highly skilled finance manager nevertheless, but you should not get to a final interview if you do notbelong theer.
3. Develop yourself continuously. Finance jobs are technically demanding – you must know math, statistics, databases, spreadsheets, ERP’s, communication skills – to name just a few. Stay abreast in the field, especially when it comes to commercial finance.
4. Get qualified. ACCA, CIA, CIMA, CIA and all the acronyms mean a lot to employers. You cannot say you are a strong financial professional (be it CFO, accountant or internal auditor) if you are not properly trained and if you did not work through your professional qualifications. And when times get rough, who do you think will survive the restructuring in the multinational companies?

Well, this is all for today. Good luck with all your finance jobs interviews and let me know if this was helpful!

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