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Investment Virtual Library

Welcome fellow investors! This is my virtual bookshelf of the investment books I use or I read, in chronological order. From time to time I will come back and update it, so please come back:

“Fundamentals of Investment Management” by Geoffrey Hirt and Stanley Block, McGraw Hill Publishing house, 2008
Read in November 2011
A thick book for an introductory book in the investment management, packed with study cases and accompanied by a nice website with additional resources. Worth having on your library as a basic investing management handbook.

“Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell
Read in November 2011
One of the top 50 thinkers, management guru, Malcom Gladwell is bla bla bla… You can read the rest on wikipedia. Gladwell is a strange guy, who writes motivational books at the edge of science and beyond the classical management border. Worth reading if you want to trust and better use…well (Malcolm does not like the word)…your intuition. Enjoyable read, dubious assertions. Or better said, “Blink” is a controversial and fashionable management book.

“The End of the Free Market: Who Wins the War Between States and Corporations?” by Ian Bremmer; Hardcover
Read in October 2011
I thought this was an easy (read-in-the-plane) book about how the evil multinational corporations battle with the innocent democratic governments. Couldn’t be wronger – Bremmer has written a book about the sovereign investment funds of the (mostly) oil and manufacturing states, from India to China or the Emirates, and about how do they distort the market economy. A bit general, Bremmer’s book still offers a quick introduction on the second strongest force in the world economy. See for yourself.

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