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Kindle versus the IPad 2 Tablet – Who Wins?

As an owner of a smartphone, Kindle or a tablet (namely the famous IPad2), people often ask me which one of these devices is mostly useful. The answer is always easy – it depends. It depends on your needs, expectations and lifestyle. It is hard nowadays to resist the temptation of buying an IPad or a tablet PC. There are so many things you can do… yet not so many more compared with what you can do with other gadgets. For me, IPad is an expensive mini-PC – easy to use, fantastic for browsing, emails and small games, but still an expensive gadget. Yet, it is wonderful for several purposes. For example, for reading. You can install hundreds of reading applications and buy books online, all of them looking wonderful in IPad’s screen. You can even install the Kindle app
For me, IPad 2 has a major drawback – it is hard to read books on it. For magazines, the Ipad is the ultimate platform if you want colorful and portable information. But if it is normal reading for normal things that you are looking for, Ipad 2 fades in front of Kindle.
Kindle is ideal for a bookworm with lots of traveling. The display does not emit any radiation, which means that you can read without your eyes getting very tired quickly. For me, a guy wearing glasses, Kindle is a bless – I can have the benefits of a tablet and the qualities of the paper reading in a small, portable device. And kindle is much cheaper than an Ipad – less than half of it.
But this is not all of it. Amazon has a great service called subscriptions – you can retrieve tens of magazines and journals on your kindle and read them over your coffee or in your launch break. Call me a fan, yes, yet the synchronizing of kindle for the magazines or the purchased books is simple and works flawlessly.
Kindle has one more set of advantages in reading versus Ipad 2 or its equivalents – the free 3G. It is tested by myself and it makes Kindle the perfect companion for your holiday/leisure travels. the 3G works for free in all places where there is a decent mobile phone operator. It means that if youy have a kindle with 3G, you can travel without the worry of data roaming costs or the time lost in chasing wi-fi. Yes, Kindle with 3G is more expensive than the classic one, but if you want to navigate from time to time on internet and do not want extra fees, it is ideal.
So yes, Kindle demonstrates that there is a market for niche products. If you did not know, most of the books sold in US are sold via the Kindle. And of course, there would be some other advantages, but why don’t you try those by yourself?

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