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Making money out of blogging – a myth?

We have written this article trying to find out why and how blogging might get you money. It’s a tough question, since blogging has become a fashion for the masses of the internet surfers. Of course, this also makes it much harder to differentiate yourself from the masses, as most of the bloggers have quickly discover.

Most of us, let’s face it, dream of getting at least two outcomes from blogging – getting famous or becoming rich. Or preferably both. Of course, they both go together, and usually the famous bloggers are rich.

Not the other way around, of course. A famous investment quote from says that “if you want to become a millionaire you could start as a billionaire and create an airline company”. Or an investment blog, as I A few lessons I drawn from creating this investment site are summarized below (still ammendable, since I started just a couple of months ago):

1. Fame is tricky

Getting a blog to become famous quickly is a dream or luck or pure talent. You need to search for your niche and carve it our from the rest of the world.

2. Blogging is easy but not cheap

If you want to get your blog promoted prepare to spend some money. The blogs are rarely becoming well known by themselves and no person can count only on this one.

3. Blogging for money is not the solution

If you blog only for the money, you will not make it (of course I do so at but for other reasons – this investments blog ANALYSES the money). try to find what’s your passion and put it at work.

I hope these blogging experiences were useful for you. Good luck with your blog!

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