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N26 Cards Great, Except…

N26 is a great online challenger bank. Probably the greatest on the DACH space. Yet, you can smell it is trying hard to catch the likes of Revolut or Monzo. So hard, that they are starting to do some small silly errors.

I decided to give it a try – all started good – card arrived far before the deadline (3 days instead of advertised 14). 

Then, as indicated, tried to activate it. The N26 app simply states:

“To activate, please introduce the 12 numbers code on the BACK of your card.”

Funny. Really hilarious. My card is a transparent one with nothing back (except the 3 numbers CVV). So I was scratching my head a few times. I was wondering – do they really want me to read backwards the figures from the transparent front?

Then I had an inspiration moment and keyed in the FRONT side number (under my name). It worked!

This small bug being mentioned, N26 is a great bank and has some really nice features – I like the most its cash map. But about it – maybe in another blog post.

(by the way, if you want to do the same you can use my invite code “raduh2723” and we would get both a small welcome reward)

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