“Nine Lies About Work” – a HBR Book Review about Workplace Myths

“Nine Lies About Work” – a book review by doitinvest.com

Work and lies represent catchy words for a book title. “Nine Lies About Work” sounds even better – and promises a lot (at least quantitatively). Ashley Goodall and Marcus Buckingham embark on a very exciting journey – the one where they would dispel a lot of myths about work. These myths are deeply ingrained in our working culture – so deep that in fact some of them passed the folklore stage and became daily walk-in assumptions.

What are the lies about work? Beyond the provocative denomination – lies about work are pre-conceptions about the way we conduct our work during our careers. Things that we heard so many times about our office behavior, processes and interactions, that we take for granted. Our rear mirror blind-spots… well, you get the idea.

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