N26 Cards Great, Except…

N26 is a great online challenger bank. Probably the greatest on the DACH space. Yet, you can smell it is trying hard to catch the likes of Revolut or Monzo. So hard, that they are starting to do some small silly errors.

I decided to give it a try – all started good – card arrived far before the deadline (3 days instead of advertised 14). Read More »N26 Cards Great, Except…

US Tech Shares – Reckoning Approaching?

Who says share investors are rational? I mean, beyond a handful of Nobel for economics winners (Merton & Scholes, Akerlof et co.).
Today’s US technology shares were rattled by two tweets from President Trump. No numbers mentioned, only acid comments on China – and the own-elected FED Chairman. The technology shares plunged immediately an average of -2,5%, whilst other US indices went down:

US Tech Shares snapshot Aug 2019, doitinvest.comRead More »US Tech Shares – Reckoning Approaching?

Greatest Funny Money Books – a must-read list of the best fiction money novels

If you want to have fun + read a good book + learn new finance trivia (or MBA) stuff, there are very few books available. The money literature is enormous, do not get me wrong. But among the more than 5,000 money books published every year there are very few that tick all of the boxes:
– fun to read;
– well written;
– factual / realistic / well documented;
– vivid and
– … Informative.

These being said, there are lots of fantastic money books out there, some of them unforgettable. Here is my list of the light & fiction money books ever written:

1. Niall Ferguson – “The Advent of Money”

Believe me, I studied finance for more than 20 years. Yet, this financial history of the world is so well documented and written, that it is a little encyclopedia on itself. Niall Ferguson writes facts-packed historical books about less dissected topics. “The Advent of Money” is actually the best reference for anyone who wants to understand how we got here. Read it and your understanding of money will change.

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