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Auto industry update

The US auto industry is long troubled, especially by the strong Japanese competition. Yet it makes efforts to resist to the increases in the oil price and come back with more fuel efficient vehicles.

Chrysler LLC on Wednesday outlined plans to launch a new car-based SUV modeled after the Jeep Cherokee, as other major automakers took the spotlight at an industry conference to pitch their own hurried responses to the surging demand for more fuel-efficient cars.Read More »Auto industry update

Forex update – the USD rallies up against other currencies

 Interestingly enough, these days the US good economic news tend to come all together, as did the bad news for several months in a row previously. First of all, the USD has gained a serious foothold against the troubled Euro, up to 0,67 of 1 euro. It has done so by steadily climbing in the last 5 days from 0,657, which is quite a performance for such a short period. Of course, this has led to huge gains (or losses) on the forex markets, but it also provided a short respiro to the troubled US economy who seemed to see no light at the tunnel end.Read More »Forex update – the USD rallies up against other currencies

Global economic growth continues – macroeconomic analysis

After solid and broad-based growth for three consecutive years the world economy decreased slightly in 2007 with anticipated GDP growth back to 2005 levels at 4.9 % and 3.3 % forecast for 2008 by the World Bank. Developing countries and economies in transition continued their strong economic growth with the previous years, i.e. 5.9 % for developing countries and 6.5 % for countries in transition.Read More »Global economic growth continues – macroeconomic analysis

Phosphoric acid prices continue their increase

After a lengthy stretch of stable prices, phosphoric acid prices started to climb in 2005. In the first quarter of 2008 merchant-grade phosphoric acid prices passed the US$ 1,400 / t P2O5 mark with OCP settling some contracts at US$ 1,425 to 1,450 / t P2O5 for Western Europe. It has been  understood that the prices have been agreed for a short term period on quarterly basis.Read More »Phosphoric acid prices continue their increase