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Airline industry watchlist (2)

Low-cost airlines soared this decade with cheap fares and helped push several traditional U.S. carriers into bankruptcy, but their struggles and failures now are providing little relief for troubled bigger rivals. But as it happens in the recessions with most of the cost-lead companies, the airlines who compete based on low fares are the first to feel the blade of the cost increases.Read More »Airline industry watchlist (2)

Gadget producers under shrinkage

 Fears that the recession-hit U.S. consumers will decrease the third-quarter earnings for makers of MP3 players, cell phones and other gadgets, pummeled the stocks of consumer electronics companies like Apple Inc and SanDisk Corp on Tuesday, a day after they issued grim forecasts. This is relatively normal in a tightening economy, where the consumers give up first to the luxury and the technology goods when their revenues get tighter.Read More »Gadget producers under shrinkage