Simplicient Controlling 11 – The Future of Business Intelligence Solutions

The business intelligence solutions have passed a long time ago the infancy level. A quick internet search will show that the so called “business data transformation software – from raw numbers in executive intelligence info” easily generates more than 8 million hits. The sub-it field has grown from the smallest (yet somehow brightest) child into the high-end conductor of all of the other enterprise software solutions (from ERPs to CRMs or more specialized tools).

A recent survey from the enterprise solutions analysis market leader Gartner captures in an interesting manner this evolution, whilst ranking the various business intelligence (BI) solutions on the market:

Business Intelligence platforms ranking by Gartner
Business Intelligence and analytics software platforms ranked

As one “financial manager” veteran could quickly notice, the majority of the above listed BI platforms did not exist or were in pure infancy 10 years ago.

Yet, the business intelligence solutions have a long way to go ahead. The “Simplicient Controlling” blog undertook a status research on the BI’s promises and deliveries.

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