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Simplicient Controlling – The Simple (and Efficient) Finance Manager Blog

Our “Simplicient Controlling” series of articles demistifies the DNA of a Finance Controller’s job: main responsibilities, the best financial management tools, how to become a best-in-class finance leader / business partner, surveys, statistics and opinions:

Simplicient Controlling 11 – The Future of the Business Intelligence Solutions
This is not a blog, it is a white paper – we looked at the status and the future promises of the Business Intelligence platforms. The corporate finance specialists and their data-hungry executive stakeholders have reasons for optimism – there are many trends becoming reality as you read along.

Simplicient Controlling 10 – Defining Digitalisation (Light-hearted)
The buzz word “Digitalisation” appears on every CFO’s agenda. Yet, what is it? This financial leader blog post attempts to demistify it.

Simplicient Controlling 9 – Financial vs. Operational KPIs – A Case for Merging Them
In the realm of the scientific management, financial and non-financial KPIs are in most cases „siloed“ to different departments. This is sub-optimal – and this insightful financial management blog brings arguments against the delegation practice.

Simplicient Controlling 8 – Number-Cruncher or Business Partner?

Caught between ever-faster reporting cycles and business leader‘s interpretation needs, controllers have little time to improve their working tools. How should a controller prioritize between maintaining existing reporting and improving it?

Simplicient Controlling 7 – The CFO Profile to Fall in Love With

What is the ideal profile of a CFO? What are companies looking for in their finance leaders? There are a few surprise sticky points of what headhunters are searching.

Simplicient Controlling 6 – How to clearly present financial and business performances

You the controller have done all the work – closed the month, ticked all the control boxes, tracked and explained all deviations. Now, how do you clearly present your company’s financial performance to an impatient, senior executive audience? This simplicient controlling article offers several tips & tricks.

Simplicient Controlling 5 – Why is Sales Analysis so Difficult?

The starting point of any P&L and of any controller’s job kit, sales analysis is becoming more and more difficult. Counter-intuitive, given the nature of the Business Intelligence tools’ progress. Why is this happening?

Simplicient Controlling 4 – Advancing your Education – MBA or Professional Qualification?

The 4th part of the financial management blog series looks how a controller can advance her education whilst having the biggest career impact.

Simplicient Controlling 3 – Are the Tech Skills Still Relevant?

This blog explores how much retraining a controller needs, especially with regards to the fast changing systems (ERPs, Business Intelligence tools, analytics, machine learning etc). It also argues for CPD (Continuous Professional Development).

Simplicient Controlling 2 – To Reduce or Not… Your SG&A Expenses

We are living a world of permanent changes – and companies need to constantly revisit their operating and indirect expenses. How can they cut their SG&A and continue to grow?

Simplicient Controlling 1 – Laying the Ground

The beginning of this financial management blog – why it started and what it tries to achieve.