“Six Simple Rules – How to Manage Complexity” by Yves Morieux – a HBR Book Review

If there is one thing that is increasing in the modern working world, this is the entropy. Which has as synonym, among other words, “complexity”. The authors of “Six Simple Rules – How to Manage Complexity Without Getting Complicated” (Yves Morieux and Peter Tollman) have embarked on a journey to do just that. And they accomplished to write a fine […]

Book review – “Coffee: Growing, Processing, Sustainable Production: A Guidebook for Growers, Processors, Traders, and Researchers” – Editor Jean Nicolas Wintgens

Since quite a while I was looking more and more to something different outside the traditional investments. I played with derivatives based on shares, forex, indices. Yet, recently another area attracted my attention. Yes, the periodically forgotten and rediscovered treasures of the commodities. They tend to be in fashion and then exit, then enter again into people’s favours. I decided […]

A Book Review – “Harmonic Trading – Profiting from the Natural Order of the Financial Markets” – volume 2 by Scott M. Carney

Looking at the first volume of “Harmonic Trading” I already arrived at the conclusion that there was something special about it. Maybe the combination of technical analysis precise tools with some interesting applications of mass psychology to trading, maybe the quick and informal style of Scott Carney, who knows… Bottom line, I enjoyed the new twists on the old techniques […]

“Technical Analysis: The Complete Resource for Financial Market Technicians” – by Julie R. Dahlquist (Book Review)

Nothing is better than continuous education. And in this respect, we at doitinvest.com did read and review quite a lot of books in the technical analysis field lately. We don’t have any statistics readily availabel, but I suppose that doitinvest.com has become a top reviewer of the trading books and materials published since 2009… 🙂 Now back to work :). […]

A Book Review – “The Only Three Questions You Need to Ask” by Ken Fisher

Well, a book on investing on shares by a Forbes columnist who has more experience than my professional age? Could be interesting, don’t you think?   And indeed it was. Ken Fisher writes in a somehow difficult manner. He sidetracks with his three questions back and forth on the same subject. And repeats quite obsessively some of his ideas in […]